My Projects

Welcome to my project portfolio! Here, you'll find a showcase of my work with Crowe Soberman, one of Canada’s top tax and accounting firms, and PrimeService Insurance, a rapidly growing home and auto insurance brokerage in Ontario, Canada.

Driving Business Growth through Strategic Solutions

Crowe Soberman Logo

Crowe Soberman entrusted me with implementing SEO strategies, creating content for social media and email newsletters, and developing their content calendar. 

They recognized my ability to simplify complex insurance topics, which I demonstrated through my content for PrimeService. At Crowe Soberman, I enhanced the readability and SEO of their tax and accounting articles and created user-friendly social media content.

Additionally, I developed an SEO and social media guide for the team to optimize their content and effectively use digital marketing tools.

PrimeService Insurance Logo

At PrimeService Insurance, I developed and executed digital marketing strategies.

I gained deep insights into home and auto insurance, enabling me to produce engaging and informative social media and blog content.

I suggested implementing Elementor for website redesigns, which streamlined the process and reduced costs. 

My blog posts achieved top 10 rankings for numerous keywords, boosting organic keywords by 250%. A recruitment campaign for brokers saw LinkedIn followers grow by 1000% and led to successful hires.

I founded Urban Mermaid, a beauty retail business in Manila, with a modest capital of $500.

Through strategic allocation of only $580 on social media ads over four years, we gained a following of 31k on Facebook and 14k on Instagram, resulting in an annual revenue of $40,000.

While paid ads were instrumental, other strategies contributed to our success. We established a Shopify website, collaborated with beauty influencers with up to 250k subscribers, utilized Lazada e-commerce website, and built partnerships with brick-and-mortar retailers.

What set us apart from competitors was our in-depth understanding of the products—how they work and the science behind them. Leveraging this knowledge, we shared valuable content across platforms, sparking interest and driving conversions.

When Urban Mermaid was at its peak, I made the decision to further my business education in Toronto, closing the chapter on Urban Mermaid.