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Crowe Soberman LLP is one of the largest public accounting and advisory firms in Canada.

Aside from ensuring the website was optimized for search engines, I was also in charge of developing, crafting, and executing strategic email and social media material and managing the content calendar.

In Toronto, I noticed fierce competition among tax and accounting firms to expand their accountant workforce. To attract accountants to join our team instead, I reviewed Crowe Soberman's policies, collaborated with HR, and crafted social media content to showcase the benefits of working with us.Β 

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Seeing that Crowe Soberman had a lot of good reviews on their exceptional services, I wanted it to reach a wider audience. This led me to suggest posting a series of testimonials from their website on to their socials. As a result, we gained a significant increase in visibility and trust from our audience.

PrimeService Insurance Logo

PrimeService Insurance is a property and casualty insurance brokerage in the Greater Toronto Area.

I developed the content calendar, crafted social media and blog posts, managed web content and web page redesigns, and provided marketing support for its brokers.

Upon analyzing Google Analytics, I discovered that our top-performing blog post over the past few months revolved around high-risk drivers. With this in mind, I crafted this video to share valuable insights on the topic, inviting our audience to connect with us for their high-risk insurance needs.

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As part of our campaign to increase broker leads, I created this video to highlight the reasons why our broker audience would want to join the team at PrimeService. I posted this and the rest of the content on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. We also implemented Employee Advocacy by encouraging employees to share content on their social media accounts.

Urban Mermaid was an authorized distributor of Manic Panic, Arctic Fox, Lunar Tides, Iroiro, La Riche Directions, Monea, and other brands. Learn more about Urban Mermaid in my Projects page.

In every package delivered to my customers, I sent out a note encouraging them to tag Urban Mermaid in their posts for a chance to get featured on our account. Getting their approval to use their content allowed me to leverage User Generated Content (UGC) to boost trust and build a stronger connection with my audience.

Seasonally, I implemented sales promotions to increase immediate sales and strive for market share in a fiercely competitive industry.

In June 2018, we launched our website, greatly enhancing user experience by allowing them to view all our products in one place, purchase products with ease, track orders, and learn more about us and how to use the products.

Additionally, this improved business operations by enabling effortless order processing, inventory management, and accounting.Β 

Some customers prefer purchasing products and receiving them shipped all within a single app, while others have promo codes and loyalty programs associated with the e-commerce platform Lazada.

To cater to this audience, we began selling our products on Lazada as well. The additional platform included positive reviews which further solidified the brand's reputation.

"Katia is amazing to work with! She is proficient in SEO and does not hesitate to share her knowledge. She created an SEO and social media guide for the marketing team which included how to use Google Analytics, SEMrush, and Canva. She pays close attention to detail and her passion for social media is seen in the way she produces content."

Emily Kodousek

Former Graphic Designer, Crowe Soberman

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